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What is the last time you did some maintenance work on your roof? If it’s a while, then expect some hung collection of needles, leaves, mold, and moss buildup on the roof. The only solution is doing a thorough washing of the roof. However, this task comes with some interesting challenges especially if you are dealing with asphalt shingle cleaning. This article gives you some presentations that professionals in Florida use in Asphalt shingle cleaning,

Treasure Coast Pressure Cleaning Pros - Residential & Commercial Pressure Washing -45

The first tip you need to understand is that you should use a soft broom, blower, or rake to remove most of the debris from the shingles. The implication is that the cleaning agent you will be using will get down to the roof and there will be no wastages. Do the brushing keenly so that you don’t detach any loose shingles or granules as you may be forced to replace them.

Remove any stains, moss, or debris that form a mixture of water and trisodium phosphate to keep the shingles in place. After combining and spraying this mix on the shingles, you need to allow it to sit for some time. It will begin to fade the stain to allow you carefully brush off the lichens and mold that could have built upon the shingles.

In case you are making your own roof washing solution (roof cleaning treasure coast), you can go for water and regular bleach. This is effective enough to destroy any bacteria that thrive on the shingles and remove any stubborn stains on your shingles. However, most people in Stuart, Port St. Lucie, Palm City, Fort Pierce, and Treasure Coast prefer to hire asphalt shingle cleaning professionals so as to have the best results right away.

The other option could be water and regular soap especially if you don’t want harsh chemicals to cause the granules to fall off or wash them away. Asphalt granules come with a warranty but the warranty becomes void if you apply the wrong treatment or power wash them. Therefore, water and soap are the safest cleaning solution for your asphalt roof. However, you can still use a little diluted bleach to remove algae buildup or stains.

You can also install a copper strip if you want to reduce the regularity of future cleaning even though it is not technically a cleaning product. After cleaning the roof, you can install the copper strip on both sides of the roof apex. Whenever it is raining, the copper will leak downwards on the shingles and hinder the growth of algae. The copper strip can be quite expensive and most asphalt shingles manufacturers do suggest the application of preventive chemical treatments to prevent the development of moss.

You will spend a lot of money on replacing your roof if you don’t replace it on a regular basis. Allow roof professionals to inspect your house at least one time every year or you can check it by yourself. This will help you to identify and trouble spots. It is much more effective and inexpensive to handle some of these problems when they are still small instead of waiting for the problem to expand. Manufacturers also have a rich source of asphalt shingle cleaning information for homeowners and can advise you on products that are safe for cleaning your roof.