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Chemical roof pressure cleaning is critical because it removes fungus, moss, and black algae from the shingles of your roof. Most of these products are manufactured from one or two active ingredients.  This article reviews two of the common products that most contractors and homeowners use to clean their roofs. However, you need to choose a roof cleaning product depending on the type of roof you have. You don’t want to choose a chemical that is not going to wash away the stains.

Also, the cleaning detergent you choose should not be too harsh to feed off the color of your roof. No wonder most homeowners in Stuart, Port St Lucie, Palm City, Fort Pierce, and Treasure Cost among other parts of Florida prefer to employ the services of chemical roof pressure washing professionals. These professionals know the right type and amount of chemicals to include in the cleaning solution. They will remove all debris and stains without exposing your roof to any harm.

Treasure Coast Pressure Cleaning Pros - Residential & Commercial Pressure Washing -46

The first roof cleaning chemical that this article discusses is chlorine bleach (sodium hydroxide) lye sodium hydroxide. Most professional roof cleaners prefer to use this roof cleaning detergent because the sodium hypochlorite ingredients are caustic in nature and it’s also the most economical roof cleaning chemical you can find on the market.  You can also find the industrial-strength chlorine bleach cleaning product in most local pool supply chain retailers and hence contractors find it easy to purchase it whenever a need arises.

The primary advantage of this product is that it is the cheapest roof cleaner on the market. In fact, you don’t need any pressure as you rinse the roof. You can easily buy chlorine from local pool supply retailers as per the need. However, this chemical is harsh and dangerous and should be left to professionals. Incorrect use of chlorine can potentially damage, dry out. Or even stain your shingles. The product can become a health hazard for your children and pets, damage grass and plants, stain painted surfaces, and even remove the coating that is available on aluminum gutters. A small amount of over spaying during chemical roof pressure washing can become disastrous in several ways. This bleaching detergent is not biodegradable it will always stay in the ground once it penetrates. However, this is a very effective roof cleaner as long as you use it well.

You could be wondering whether you can use chlorine bleaching without damaging your roof. This is very much possible as long as the person washing is extremely cautious. Make sure the person handling the home improvement has enough experience in the industry. Avoiding the overspray to get on another object apart from the shingles is very high. Even a small amount of wind can cause the spray to go to the yard. No wonder most owners prefer to use a biodegradable and safe alternative cleaning product or employ the services of a professional roof cleaner. Experts will always take precautionary steps to minimize these risks.

The second roof cleaning chemical is hydrogen peroxide that uses the sodium active ingredient (Sodium Percarbonate). This is a safe and biodegradable alternative to the chlorine bleach discussed above. Both professional roof cleaners and homeowners who are looking for a safe alternative to chlorine use sodium percarbonate. It is highly effective when it comes to cleaning fungus, moss, and black algae stains from the roof shingles.

The primary advantage of this chemical is that it is safe and will not harm the aluminum finish on your gutters, damage grass or plants, stain the painted surfaces, or create health hazards for your children and pets. It is a safe and biodegradable alternative or recording the same results. There are two different methods of approaching the cleaning process while using this kind of roof cleaning product. You can decide to spray the product before using the pressure washer with a low pressure setting just like hard rain to get instant results. Alternatively, you can spray the product and allow rain to rinse off the stains in a natural way for a period of about 90 days. This flexibility level in the application and rinsing of the product is reason enough to allow contractors and homeowners to prefer this biodegradable roof cleaning detergent over chlorine. However, chlorine is more effective when it comes to handling stubborn stains.

However, like any other green product, hydrogen peroxide is more expensive than chlorine. In some instances, you may be forced to re-apply for this chemical after 90 days to be able to achieve the desired results. You can use these facts about the available chemical roof pressure washing products to make an informed decision.