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Roof cleaning can be a risky occupation and this is reason enough to leave this work in the hands of professionals. You cannot just entrust anyone with the responsibility of flat tile roof cleaning. However, there is no problem if you choose to do the cleaning by yourself. The most important thing is to make sure that you take enough precautionary and safety measures. You also need to effectively and securely clean the roof of your valuable house. Here are some of the tips you are expected to follow as you clean the roof of your house.

First, you must use shoes that have a great traction. Wet tiles that are covered with mold and moss can be quite slippery. You need shoes that have an excellent traction and grip to provide additional balance and hold as you continue cleaning the surface. You also need to keep your steps on the lower side of the tiles. If you have no otherwise but to step the tiles, your steps should be put on the lower section or the region that is supported and upheld from the lower section.

You also need to distribute your weight by making use of the walkway. This will help you to evenly distribute your body weight and reduce the pressure that you exert on the roofing tiles. It’s a wise move to cushion or pad up the inside section of the plywood using a foam. Also, remember to always stand on dry sections as much as you can. Arrange your work is such a way that you will always stand on dry areas as the cleaning process is going on.

Also, always stay in the flattest areas during the flat tile roof cleaning. It is more secure for the cleaner and will also distribute your weight appropriately. Also, make sure that your plants are safe. Remember that some of the chemical solutions you use to clean your roof can be hazardous to your plants. Therefore, make sure that your plants are safe from these sprays before you begin the flat tile roof cleaning process. In case you are using cleaning agents such as chlorine, be careful to cover the plants near the roof or walls using a plastic. However, you can just wet your crops before you begin the washing process if you are using mild cleaning chemicals.

Also, divide your roof into various sections before you begin the working process. You will be able to work on a single section at a time as the other sections dry. This will allow the cleaner to focus on the unique cleaning requirement for every section and give you enough standing space. The other requirement is to polish the tiles. Some tiles may tend to become dull and whitish after the cleaning process. The condition is often referred to as efflorescence and it occurs as the tiles react with the cleaning agents. The good thing is that these solutions don’t have any negative effects on the tiles. The only thing is that they will look a bit ugly and dull. You can just buff or polish the tiles in order to give it a pleasant appearance.

A ladder is an important accessory in the cleaning process. It’s advisable to use a ladder to get to the top of the roof. It’s wise to clean your roof tiles as you stand on top of a secure ladder. The ladder is very effective when it comes to cleaning clogged gutters. The last thing is to make sure that you wear appropriate clothing during the flat tile roof cleaning process. Whatever you are wearing should be loose and comfortable. Also, cover your body to offer protection against those harmful UV rays that emanate from the sun. The clothes you wear should just be loose enough not to hinder your movements. Avoid accessories and other jewelry as you continue with the work.  Highly experienced roof cleaners (post construction cleaning treasure coast) in Florida can handle this task with high levels of precision.

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What is 7+7?