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There are several accessories in the home that can be made of wood including your precious fence. Over time, the quality of the wood may wear off hence giving it a very bad appearance. If you reside in dry areas, the combination of dust and UV rays gives the once beautiful wood an old and washed-out look. The rainy season also makes exposed wooden surfaces darken as signs of algae and mold. The best way out is wood restoration and preservation of pressure cleaning. We have professional cleaners in Stuart, Port St Lucie, Palm City, Fort Pierce, and Treasure Coast Florida who offer wood restoration and preservation pressure cleaning services (gutter cleaning treasure coast), and hence you don’t have to get worried.

Pressure Washer

The first step is o buy or rent electric pressure water. Most gas-powered units tend to have the highest PSI rating and deliver a higher amount of water gallon per minute (GPM) in comparison to electric models. The gas pressure washer tends to be more powerful than you can imagine especially if you are a newbie to the use of this unit. It’s a good idea to start off with electric pressure washers but remember these units need to have a power outlet. If this will be inconveniencing given the location of your wooden structure like the fence, go for a gas pressure water from the onset. Practice with it for some time before you can embark on the real project.

In case you are working outdoors, lay plastic sheeting on the ground so as to protect the plants and grass that could be on that surface. The high-pressure steam that comes from the water will loosen any grime and dirt and it may spray the same dirt to your hands or yard. Therefore, it’s wise to cover anything that the dirt can affect. Also, on old or protective clothing just to make sure that you are safe.

You also have to use the appropriate nozzle heads during the process of wood restoration and preservation pressure cleaning. It’s better to choose multipurpose pressure washing nozzles that can clean various types of woods. High water pressure can be very destructive when you release it at a close range. Make sure you begin far off from the target. You can move forward gradually if there is a need. It can take you a few trials before you find the most ideal distance for the cleaning. However, it’s wise to move slowly than gouging the wood.

Most wood restoration and preservation pressure cleaning experts in Florida will advise you to use cold water. Most residential pressure cleaners more so those that are available for renting only have the cold-water setting. However, heavy-duty machines offer both hot and cold-water options. However, stick to the cold water if you are pressure washing wooden structures. Hot water can increase the grain on the wood making sealing or staining harder. Finally, use safety glasses to offer protection to your eyes. Also, avoid directing the steaming water to other human beings, electricity sources, or pets. You can also choose to put on ear protection. Some pressure washers are very loud and hence you need to protect your hearing. Also, dress well as you may not avoid getting wet.